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Östra Gällsjön Hagfors
Beautifully located holiday home by Östra Gällsjön and in very good condition. Nice floor plan. Kitchen. Large living room combined with dining area.
Wood burning stove. A bedroom. Bathroom with bath, shower and toilet. Separate WC-room. Laundry department. Porch under roof.
Outbuilding with, among other things, guest-rooms. "Friggebod". Storehouse. Carport.

Asking price SEK 1 450 000
(≈ € 139 400)
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Backa, Hagfors

This holday house houses three rooms and a kitchen spread over 62 sqm. Are you looking for a place where you can land in the stressful
everyday life and just be? Then you have found the right one. The plot is located high with a view over Lake Rådasjön. Proximity to walking areas and only 10 minutes
drive to Hagfors center with shops and restaurants.
The rest of the plot has a guest house, tool shed and storage building.

Asking price SEK 475 000
(≈ € 45 700)
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Norra Skoga 60, Ekshärad

 Asking price SEK 1 695 000
(≈ € 237 300)
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Tyfors 15, Fredrikgsberg
An idyll by the water. The property is close to nature and secluded located about 10 km from central Fredriksberg, where you are offered a grocery store, restaurants and
Säfsen Snowcamp (snowcamp.se). After another 3 km you arrive at Säfsen's Alpine area. Here are activities for both winter and summer.
Today, the property has a cottage that consists of a hall, kitchen with space for a dining table and a combined bedroom and living room. Additional buildings in the form of an outbuilding with space for garden tools and wood storage, outdoor toilet, basement, guest accommodation and an outdoor shower adjacent to a small sandy beach with bathing jetty. Both the residential building and the guest house have been used during all seasons of the year.
Utgångspris 795 000
(≈ € 76 500)
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 Kroppheden, Råda

Asking price SEK 495 000   (≈  47 600 )
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 Västra  Näsberget Malung / Torsby
In a very small rural village, in the middle of the wilderness, in a quiet and peaceful location, you will find this holiday home / villa. 4 rooms and kitchen.
Shower room. Balcony. Entire basement floor. Outbuildings with hobby rooms and guest rooms. Garage and woodshed. There is a need for renovation.

Asking price SEK  195 000
 (≈ 18 700)
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